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In case of issues in production or sandbox, or if you have questions about the PSD2-APIs, please contact the bank during opening hours at to reach our support service.

Please note that the following information must be included for all specific requests:

  • Request timestamp
  • Full Request URL
  • Request ID
  • PSU-ID


In case of a major incident/unavailability of the PDS2 APIs according to RTS article 33(1), the TPP may report the major incident to: or phone +47 815 00 810.

The incident report must contain reference to bank, PSD2 API and enclosed a complete request and response for unique reference to the incident. Feedback will be given through this incident reference via e-mail.

In order to subscribe to the notification list for PSD2 to receive info about planned and unplanned downtime, please send a request to the Servicedesk address with a contact e-mail address.